Starting a Pool Cleaning Company – Sample Business Plan Template

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Do you want to start a pool cleaning company from scratch with no money? Or you need a sample pool cleaning business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

If are looking for a business that you can start with a small capital, and you don’t mind traveling around, then I suggest you try out a pool cleaning business. The services of a pool cleaner is always needed in hotels with swimming pools, private homes with pools and public pools because there is need to clean the pool regularly to make clean for swimming.

As of 2007, statistics show that there are over eight million swimming pools in the united states alone, and there is need to clean a pool regularly sometimes bi-weekly or monthly, so a pool cleaning business is very lucrative and can make you money once you get started.

Most people neglect this business thinking that it is just for high school students looking to make some extra cash for spending. But in reality, you can start a firm that offer pool cleaning service and grow it to a million dollar business. Most pool cleaners charge about $50 to $500 for pool cleaning services depending on the size of the pool and who the client is.

Although you can start and run a one man pool cleaning business, the success and money you will make from it will be limited, this article will focus more on running a pool cleaning firm with employees; it will cover issues like how to set up the business as a corporate firm, ways you can advertise your pool cleaning business and using the power of leverage to expand your business to something big. Here is a sample pool cleaning business plan template you can use for FREE.

Starting a Pool Cleaning Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Table of Content

  • 1. Learn the Necessary Skills Needed
  • 2. Get Your License and Permits
  • 3. Purchase the Necessary Equipment
  • 4. Leverage
  • 5. Market your Services
  • 6. Print Brochures
  • 7. Register for Pool Associations

1. Learn the Necessary Skills Needed

You don’t need a college degree to start a pool cleaning business, but there are some skills you need to effectively run the business. For instance, you need to have swimming skill in case you mistakenly fall into the pool while cleaning, and you must also know the best technique for cleaning the pool. If you are to run it as a firm, you must ensure that all your employees that will directly be in charge of pool cleaning have at least basic swimming skills.

2. Get Your License and Permits

To effectively run a pool cleaning business, there are some licenses and permits you need to get, and it all depends on the basic requirements stipulated by the Local Authorities. For instance, you need a Tax Identification Number (TIN), a business license and a liability insurance to run a pool cleaning business in most States.

The liability insurance is to protect against any accident that result to losses for the pool owner while you or your employees are performing your services. In addition, since you are going to run the pool cleaning services as a business, then it is important to register a Business Name

3. Purchase the Necessary Equipment

Some of the equipment that you may need for your pool cleaning service include: pool cleaning chemicals, kit used for PH water testing, instrument for checking pool volume, a pool skimmer, hoses, poles, and scrubbing brushes. When your company starts to get regular orders, you will need to purchase these equipment in bulk quantities from manufacturers, it will save you some cost as most bulk purchases come with discount.

4. Leverage

The law of leverage states that when one person does a thing alone, the success the person will achieve will be limited compared to when many others are engaged in that same thing to achieve a common goal.

In order to start and grow a pool cleaning business, you need to employ the services of other people who have versatile knowledge on pool cleaning, your duty will then be to source for pool cleaning contracts, accounting and other administrative functions for the effective running of the business, while you sublet the actual cleaning jobs to your employees and you pay them off later on.

This way, you can handle multiple pool cleaning contracts and make more money compared to if you are doing the cleaning alone. Just note that if you are to have employees to handle the pool cleaning job for you, then getting liability insurance is very necessary because your company will be held vicariously liability for any damage caused by your employee while he or she is working.

5. Market your Services

The success of your business depends on how well you package and advertise the business. Remember that there are other people offering the same service you do, so you need to extensively market your business to get clients; and the only you can make them stay or come back for your services is to offer them the best pool cleaning service available.

I am always a fan of giving people more value for their money; it will make them come back for more. But first, you have to know your clients in order to know how to reach out to them. Your clients include hotel owners, high brow property owners, public pool managers, gym and fitness centre owners. Knowing your clients will help you know how to reach out to them better. Some available ways to market your pool cleaning business include:

6. Print Brochures

You can print brochures that contains the services that you offer, contact details and testimonials from past clients and drop them for hotel and motel managers, and persons that own swimming pools on their properties.

You may take some few minutes to explain in details the services that you offer and what your client stands to gain by using your pool cleaning services. You can offer them some percentage discount if they can use your services within a period of time.

7. Register for Pool Associations

Each State or City has a functional Pool Association. This associate helps you to network with swimming pool owners and other Pool cleaning business owners in the City. With such networks, you can easily connect with new pool owners to handle their pool cleaning contract or another pool cleaning business owner may decide to sublet some jobs to you for a certain percentage.

So far, you have seen that a pool cleaning business is one of the easiest and business you can start and make money with it almost immediately.